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John Abercrombie Quartet: Within A Song

1 Where Are You
2 Easy Reader
3 Within A Song
Without A Song
4 Flamenco Sketches
5 Nick Of Time
6 Blues Connotation
7 Wise One
8 Interplay
9 Sometime Ag

John Abercrombie guitar Joe Lovano tenor saxophone Drew Gress double-bass Joey Baron drums

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Genre: Jazz

Abercrombie declares his musical loyalties

“Within A Song” celebrates the spirit of discovery that illuminated the jazz of the 1960s, as John Abercrombie declares his musical loyalties in a quartet album that pays tribute to a range of early influences including Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bill Evans, Ornette Coleman, Sonny Rollins and Jim Hall. “This was the music that spoke to me. When I heard it, it was like finding a new home.” The group assembled especially for this production, recorded at New York’s Avatar Studios in September 2011 features tenorist Joe Lovano as the optimal partner for Abercrombie. Together they mine deep feelings from these modern jazz classics.

Release date: 08.06.2012

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Cat.No.: 2789531

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