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Frida Ånnevik: Synlige hjerteslag – Frida Ånnevik

FRIDA ÅNNEVIK: Strået · Snubletråd · By · Vant til stemmen din · Sover du · Gjennomtrekk · Spådom (en sang om snø) · Du · Min plass · Hjertetmore… han

Frida Ånnevik, vocal · Andreas Mjøs, guitar, percussion, keyboards · Jørun Bøgeberg, bass · Einar Næss Haugseth, piano · Andreas Ulvo, organ, keyboards

– Årets store albumoverraskelse! [Atle Bredal / NRK P1]

kr 111

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There are voices wich just do not leave you with any choice. Voices that make you stop in your tracks, makes you forget what you were doing. Frida Ånnevik has that kind of voice.

Popular music in an open landscape, personality in both music, text and way of expression.

Release date: 01.11.2010

EAN: 7033662043309

Cat.No.: GRCD4330

Priskategori: CD