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Rite – Unni Løvlid

UNNI LØVLID: Vind, kom · Her møter eg deg · Bak vaker verda · Mørketid · Sanning · Evig einsam kveld · Eg drikk din raude vin ·more… Portret

Unni Løvlid · Helge Sten · Hild Sofie Tafjord · Håkon Kornstad · Frode Haltli · Ingar Hunskaar

– Løvlid’s voice is pure and direct, completely at ease with all the changing moods. (Fiona Talkington, BBC)

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Words and music: Unni Løvlid

Unni Løvlid returns with a new album, three years after her previous solo release Vita (2005) recorded in the Emanuel Vigeland mausoleum. It has taken four years to complete the present album, for which Løvlid has written all the words and music herself. Unni Løvlid is a versatile musician and artist and has experience from a great variety of projects and genres in the region Norwegian folk, contemporary music and electronica. The music on Rite lies somewhere between electronica, contemporary and world. Unni Løvlid is one of the most exciting folk music performers around day, who dares to take traditional music to entirely new places, and has the creative imagination to do so.

Release date: 10.03.2008

EAN: 7033662042234

Cat.No.: GRCD4223

Priskategori: CD