The Survivors’ Suite

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Keith Jarrett: piano, soprano saxophone, bass recorder, celeste, osi drums · Dewey Redman, tenor saxophone & percussion · Charlie Haden, double bass · Paul Motian, drums & percussion

Kronen på verket for Keith Jarretts American Quartet

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Udødelig mesterverk

* Deutscher Schallplattenpreis 1978
* Melody Maker Jazz Album of the Year

The Survivors’ Suite, innspilt i 1976 er kronen på verket for Keith Jarretts American Quartet med Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden og Paul Motian, og er en av de udødlige mesterverkene i ECM-katalogen. Melody Maker: “The Survivors’ Suite is a brilliantly organized and full-blooded work which provides the perfect setting for all four talents. This is a very complete record. It creates its own universe and explores it thoroughly, leaving the listener awed and satisfied… An unashamedly ardent album, Jarrett’s very finest.” The Wire: “The labyrinthine composition seems to redefine ‘intensity’ each time it turns a corner. The drive toward the climax of Side Two is among the most moving in modern music, Dewey Redman absolutely titanic over the surging rhythms.”

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